Chosen & Dearly Loved

The Chosen & Dearly Loved foundation is a fantastic organization that brings orphans with special needs into families where they can thrive. Chosen brought me on board to put together the website and take care of some admin with the web host. The final design included the Bridge theme, which I customized extensively with CSS, JavaScript, and plugins to better serve the needs of the client.

One of the challenges was to create a path to donate funds that was as easy as possible, while also passing information into a constituent database for future engagement. We settled on Stripe, a fantastic and ever-adapting payment gateway that has a great look and works well on all devices.

Stripe provides a slick UI via Checkout, but everything else is handled client-side including form validation, asking for an amount, creating subscription payments, and sending a charge request that finally bills a credit card. I referenced articles and examples that contributed to the final product, and converted code from Ruby and old versions of the Stripe library. Finally, a small JSON webhook is sent back to the site and passed on to the client’s constituent management solution.

The result is something I’m proud of, and Ryele‘s elegant design sets a professional tone for the whole experience.


  • eCommerce
  • API integration (Stripe)
  • Webhooks
  • jQuery plugins (magento, readmore)