Forward Real Estate

Many real estate agents operate on small cookie-cutter sites provided by their realtor group, and there is very little room for maneuvering in terms of what goes where or how it looks. The aim of this project was to break free from that model and allow the client’s personality to shine; Ryele Studio crafted an eye-catching experience that showcases featured properties and adds additional value for prospective home owners and sellers alike, and I was tasked with bringing that vision to life on the web.

The featured listings are based on a custom post type and packed with additional fields and custom icons for the client to manage the different statistics of each property. Google Maps API will fetch the map based on the address, and the template will adapt based on which other fields are filled.

While not connected directly to the MLS, the site does have a web-to-lead via the subscribe popup and various contact forms across the site. Once the form is submitted, it will create a contact within the associated CRM, in this case, TopProducer. The popups are hand-crafted using lightweight Magnific, my favourite jQuery popup plugin.

Completed for Ryele Studio.

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  • Custom portfolio post type
  • Contact and subscribe integration via TopProducer
  • Plugin customization