Jet Pet Resort

I’ve been working with Jet Pet Resort since 2014, and their web strategy has come a long way. Early on, I integrated a Web-to-Lead form to help gather information from potential customers. We chipped away at a few other improvements, but it was clear that the website needed an overhaul.

I began converting the bold and colourful mockups into a functional website. I worked closely with the client on many aspects of the conversion since there was a lot of content that needed to be modified to fit into the new format. Also during this time I migrated the site to a new web host which provided a fantastic and much needed boost for the upcoming refresh.

A premium WordPress theme was useful for a starting point in some respects, but there were a number of challenges to overcome. It wasn’t so efficient to load up all of the many custom graphics in different flavours, and I needed a way for the icons and dividers to be changed with ease into various colours and sizes as needed. The designer had converted some of the icons into a custom font, so I took the cue and fashioned the rest into a font with the help of the IcoMoon webfont converter. The rest I layered up with translucent colours and textures and used them to fill backgrounds across the site.

Another big part of the development was providing a way for the services and rates descriptions to be updated regularly. I leveraged Advanced Custom Fields which allowed me to create a much better experience on the WordPress admin side. Even though the services and rates are spread out over several pages on the site, they are edited in a single tabbed interface that’s a breeze to use.

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  • Advanced Custom Fields – Repeater and Options field
  • IcoMoon icon fonts
  • Web-to-lead form with reCaptcha and anti-spam honeypot
  • Front page video background